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Message from the Principal


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Jeresey Journal

Jason Jusino
     Karyn Alexander

Pupil Service
Coordinator &
Community Liason



Greetings A. Harry Moore Families,


I humbly accept the appointment of Principal at the A. Harry Moore Laboratory School. As we enter this school year in uncertain times, I would like to begin it with stability. Consequently, I must commence our school year by not standing on ceremony. Upon receipt of this letter you may have already been notified of the change in administration for the A. Harry Moore School. Provided with this update we will pull our collaborative efforts together and move our school forward. If you have not done so already, please make yourself available to the PTSA so that we may reinforce a common vision and mission of the A. Harry Moore Laboratory School. We will schedule a virtual “meet and greet” in the immediate future.


The remote learning/reentry plan, students’ schedules, staff assignments will all remain the same. Any and all adjustments will be made collaboratively for the best interests of the students and functioning of the school. Together, we will quell anxieties that the AHM family have recently been facing. All fears, concerns, and angst will be processed with collaborative resolve with the goal of alleviation to continue to focus on delivering the skilled services that our students need.


For the past six months there was a high level of enthusiasm I felt while being immensely involved in the AHM repairs, and for the AHM family (Students, Parents, Faculty) to return to the “new and improved” A. Harry Moore Building “Home”, but now, that enthusiasm has significantly increased knowing I will be a part of the AHM Team/Family. We have made many improvements in the building that have also involved the input and feedback of the PTSA with an emphasis on creating an optimal learning environment.


I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to become a member of the A. Harry Moore school community. As the new Principal, I look forward to working with you to increase your child’s potential in reaching their goals. I am aware of the high expectations as well as the synergistic competence of the talented staff. It is my intent to continue the tradition of excellence that exists as we advance our students with a comprehensive and collaborative program that will serve to shine a light on the excellence found at the A. Harry Moore Laboratory School. Your child will develop the confidence to succeed at A. Harry Moore Laboratory School. Our school, high on the hill of Kennedy Boulevard, serves as the educational beacon of our respective fields and specialties for your child to engage in a rigorous and compassionate environment.


Born and raised in Jersey City, as well as, attending the Jersey City Public Schools has allowed me to appreciate all of the historical and cultural aspects of Jersey City. Every day I enter the A. Harry Moore building I could sense the rich political, architectural, and cultural values that built the school. The resilient structural foundation serves as a reminder of the original concept that initiated the building of a school for our students, from then Mayor Frank Hague, to provide a high quality education to students that could withstand time.


Entering the A. Harry Moore School as an instructional leader will follow my 25 years of service as an educator for the Jersey City Public Schools. This entails extensive training in instructional leadership, behavioral approaches, adult readiness, vocational/career building skills, social emotional learning with character development, and a network of educational opportunities. I launched my career in education as a para-professional and commenced learning many instructional strategies from seasoned veteran educators. After being awarded the position Special Education Teacher, I continued to broaden my educational skills at NJCU to gain a Masters in Educational Technology, immediately followed up with a Masters in Educational Leadership, also from NJCU. After advancing to the position of Supervisor of Special Education, followed by proceeding to become a High School Principal, I gained opportunities to effectively apply collective strategies for students on all intellectual and emotional levels from Pre-K, Primary, Middle, High School, and 18-21 year old students transitioning into college and career readiness.


As the instructional leader of A. Harry Moore Laboratory School, I embrace the task to collaboratively ensure our school will galvanize the symbiotic relationship of instructional strategies and therapeutic approaches to the most optimal educational experiences for your child. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to the exchange of ideas as we collectively explore innovative concepts to spark the evolution of the A. Harry Moore Laboratory School into an even greater learning experience for our students. Please know that my door is always open. I welcome your input so that we can work together and ensure that your child achieves his/her goals.

Best Regards,

Jason Jusino


Welcome to the 2022 - 2023 School Year! We are thrilled to welcome our students and staff back to school. We hope that you were able to relax and make special memories with your friends and families. Now it is time to look forward to a wonderful new school year.

We are proud of our beautiful school and have high expectations for each and every student. Our students are kind, compassionate, and eager to learn. Together with our dedicated staff, we strive to make connections with students to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe.

Partnering with families is crucial to promote a healthy school both socially and emotionally. We recognize that students may feel anxious with the start of a new school year and we will continue to place a strong emphasis on social-emotional learning while focusing on building classroom community. We encourage families to stay connected and informed.

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